Thursday 31 March 2022

Second meeting of the Safety Climate Survey Task Force held on 28 March, focusing on communication before, during and after the survey

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The Safety Climate Survey Task Force (TF SCS) is a joint action between UIC and ERA. Its objective is to make optimal use of the results of ERA’s safety climate survey and determine how these results can be positioned and analysed within the overall safety management system. Further aims are to examine how to provide better feedback on results to staff and share and exchange best practice and experience.

This second meeting of the task force focused on communication before, during and after the ERA safety climate survey, and on how to involve people.

  • Before the survey:
    After exchanging experiences and methods, the participants discussed lessons learned on how to reach operational staff, what kind of methods to use (paper, kiosk, email, etc.), and what content should be sent in order to more effectively involve people in the survey and secure their commitment.
  • During the survey:
    The participants discussed survey fatigue, how to avoid low participation rates, etc.
  • After the survey:
    The participants discussed about how best to provide feedback to participants: directly and straight after the survey, after a short period of time, etc.

The next task force meeting will be organised around focus groups to facilitate feedback from members who want to improve their safety culture and is expected to be held between the beginning and the middle of May.

For further information, please contact Virginie Papillault, Human & Organisational Factors and Safety Culture Manager at UIC:

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