Monday 13 December 2021

Standardisation in second place among the most important topics for UIC members

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UIC’s latest annual member satisfaction survey shows that standardisation is the second most important topic for UIC members – just behind networking and exchange of good practice, which gathered 90% of respondents’ votes. Standardisation was rated as important by 84% of respondents in 2021, just 6% less than in 2020 when it was rated as being almost as important as network and exchange of good practice for UIC members (90%, 91% respectively).

Monitoring, which is closely linked to standardisation, was rated as the fourth most important item for UIC members (80% of votes). Respondents also expressed an average satisfaction rate of 74%, with the highest scores going to technical monitoring (81%) and standardisation (80%) and the lowest to legal and tax monitoring (63%).

Comparing importance and standardisation rates, which match almost fully (96%), we can see that all respondents who consider standardisation to be important are also satisfied with UIC’s services in this area.

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