Monday 30 May 2022

Sustainable Land Use Sector to meet in Berlin on 2 June

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Members of the UIC Sustainable Land Use Sector within the Sustainability Platform have been invited to meet in Berlin for the first time since the pandemic. The agenda and meeting link have been shared with the relevant experts on the Extranet.

Preparations have been completed and the members are looking forward to the meeting. This sector meeting is also an important one for UIC, as the Strategy and Actions for Biodiversity – the first deliverable of the REVERSE project – will be announced.

If you would like to attend the sector event, hear about UIC’s new project proposals and share your ideas and concerns regarding biodiversity, vegetation management, soil and water quality with other UIC members, please contact

Registration for the Sustainable Railways event is still open:

For more information, please visit the Sustainable Land Use Sector website:
and check out this video:

For further information, please contact Pinar Yilmazer at

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