Thursday 1 July 2021

TEDP webinar on embodying the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in professional and HR practices

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The Talent & Expertise Development Platform webinar dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and professional/HR practices held on 29 June was attended by participants with a variety of backgrounds (mainly HR, talent, training and sustainable development) and from different regions (Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East).

The purpose of the workshop was to present and discuss the first series of SDG instruments to facilitate the integration of the SDGs into professional rail practices. The research is taking place within the framework of an EU Erasmus + cooperation project (REPAIR: Recognising Emerging Practices Anticipating Industry Renewal) between the UIC Sustainable Development Unit and the UIC Expertise Development Unit in cooperation with partners from Spain (ADIF), Slovenia (SZ), Austria (St Pölten University and IPS) and France (Open Recognition Alliance/Reconnaître).

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Beginning with the Rail Index project, led by the UIC Sustainable Development Unit, the partnership has issued tools (SDG maturity matrix and open badges) designed to be used by rail professionals, individuals, teams and – in particular – HR and training professionals.

Following presentation of the Rail Index and REPAIR projects, interactive sessions were held to obtain feedback from the participants, who were very supportive of the idea of using badges.

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The REPAIR Maturity matrix