Wednesday 8 June 2022

The Coordination Technical Group met on 16 May to discuss different important topics related to EU affairs

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The Coordination Technical Group (CTG), the joint coordination group composed of UIC, as technical body, and the two representative bodies, CER and EIM, met on 16 May to discuss various important topics related to EU affairs, such as standardisation, alternative energy sources, Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking, Cybersecurity and OSDM. The objective for each topic was to move towards a ROC (Railway Operating Community) position.

Regarding standardisation, François Davenne highlighted the fact that the paper on specifications and standards was discussed with ERA and presented to the UIC European Management Committee on 1 April. He explained that the concept of specifications was being used because some products, such as FRMCS, were not intended to become International Railway Solutions (IRS). UIC also made a proposal of compromise to the paper on International Standardisation for which an opinion from CER and EIM was requested by the beginning of June.

In terms of alternative energy sources, such as hydrogen, François Davenne proposed starting with the definition of an operational concept in the context of the System Pillar, that could be followed later by a project in the Innovation Pillar of ERJU and/or the Clean Hydrogen JU.

Regarding ERJU and in particular the System Pillar, François Davenne welcomed the good CER-UIC cooperation in the preparation of the future proposal for the System Pillar. Christian Chavanel pointed out a concern with cross-cutting activities that were duplicated in several tasks.

In the field of cybersecurity, the aim was also to develop a ROC position. A strategy would be prepared by the end of the year and CER invited UIC to contribute to it in the context of the ad hoc group that CER would set up shortly.

Finally, in the field of OSDM, CER and UIC were very active in promoting OSDM, but DG MOVE still had doubts regarding the openness of the system to new entrants and competition aspects.

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