Monday 14 December 2020

The UIC Covid-19 Task Force has published a new state-of-the-art entitled “Contamination Rates on Trains”

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The latest state-of-the-art document entitled Contamination Rates on Trains, produced by the UIC Covid-19 Task Force with the help of its members, has just been published:

In an effort to restore passenger confidence and to encourage people to return to trains and public transport, the document gives examples of scientific evidence, case studies and mathematical models to show that clusters of Covid-19 are rare on public transport and among train staff, and that the probability of becoming infected on public transport is relatively low.

A separate chapter focuses on the risk perception of Covid-19 on public transport showing that according to recent surveys, members of the general public have said that they would be eager to return if mitigation measures are put in place. Many of these measures are in fact being undertaken by railway operators including deep cleaning, mask wearing, reducing maximum passenger occupancy, physical distancing rules and ventilation.

The conclusions of this publications say that there is ever more scientific evidence that demonstrates that railways are a safe mode of transport thanks to the mitigation measures put in place by transport operators and station managers.

Recent studies also show that the general public is increasingly reassured with regard to the safety of train travel. The best way to enhance this growing perception is to continue to apply measures and to communicate effectively.

Research on the safety of train travel during the pandemic is ongoing and will help railway stakeholders to implement mitigation measures to fight the spread of Covid-19.

Since the launch of the UIC Covid-19 Task Force in early March, UIC member companies, experts and partner organisations have met on a regular basis to exchange relevant information and knowledge about preventive measures and procedures adapted to the railway sector in order to respond to the health crisis.

Furthermore, UIC members and partner organisations have continuously provided the Task Force with significant input leading to the publication of a series of guidance documents and state-of-the-art papers which can be consulted at the dedicated UIC webpage:

For any further information please contact the UIC Covid-19 Task Force:

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