Friday 12 March 2021

Track Expert Group (TEG) meeting held on 4 March

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The TEG is a permanent working group within the Railway System Department (RSD) focusing on topics such as track layout, track superstructure design, maintenance strategies/processes, track components and general developments in track-related technology. The TEG is currently chaired by Bernhard Knoll of ÖBB, and its secretary is Kurt Demeersseman of Infrabel.

The most recent TEG meeting was held via web conference on 4 March, with more than 20 participants in attendance.

The first session was opened by the Chairman. Michel Kunz was introduced to the members as the new Railway System Forum Chairman, and Bernd Rositzka as the new Head of Infrastructure. Mr Rositzka provided information on the results for the 2021 opt-in project within the Track & Structures Sector, which has been approved by the RSF: the RFID+AVRIS project focuses on tagging for track components and automated video inventory systems. The kick-off meeting is planned for April.
UIC’s TEG Coordinator, Mercedes Gutierrez, then provided information on the plan for migration of leaflets to IRSs and thanked the experts for their outstanding work and technical judgement in developing, reviewing and updating leaflets. The TEG decided to continue updating the remaining leaflets with the help of the top experts from the sector.

The second part of the meeting started with exchange of experience on topics such as:

  • a benchmarking for rail grinding and milling practices by Björn Paulsson and Erika Steyn of Chalmers University
  • acoustic rail roughness by Gennaro Sica and Dimiitrios Kostovasilis of HS2
  • a benchmark for pedestrian inspection of track by Kurt Demeersseman and David Arroyo Munoz of Infrabel
  • Morlais derailment by Colin Newsome of NR
  • cracks in turnout sleepers by Melker Pettersson of Trafikverket

The final part of the meeting was devoted to some of the projects currently underway within the TEG. The respective coordinators and technical leaders presented the current status of each project:

  • Broken rail detection
  • Stabletrack
  • Under-ballast mats and composite sleepers
  • Demosleeper

The meeting was closed by the Chairman, Bernhard Knoll, who thanked the participants for an interesting and efficient session.

For further information please contact Mercedes Gutierrez, Infrastructure & TTI Senior Advisor:

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