Wednesday 28 June 2023

UIC Africa’s 11th edition of Railway Safety Training takes place

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The training session was organised from 19 to 23 June 2023 by ONCF experts, the Africa Regional Office and UIC. It was attended by representatives from 14 countries from North, West, Central and East Africa and brought together more than 100 participants.

Like the previous editions, the objectives of the diversified one-week programme included improving risk management and assimilating the technical and regulatory elements which are necessary to effectively ensure safety and security.

The session run by UIC experts from the Safety and Operations Unit was moderated by the Unit’s Deputy, Francisco Cabrera, who gave a presentation on Safety Opt-Ins. Virginie Papillault then described the activities carried out by the Human and Organisational Factors Working Group (HOFWG) and the Occupational Health and Safety Group (OHSG), followed by a live demonstration of the RailHOF digital platform dedicated to Human and Organisational Factors. She continued by giving an overview of the TWINNING II project, which forms part of the development of peer reviews in Europe, is funded by the European Commission, and coordinated by UIC. She further introduced the international “peer review process” as a new UIC activity in the service of its members, as well as the new training module on safety culture that UIC is currently developing.

Next, the safety database was explained by Iryna Polzikova, with the session finishing on a presentation by Isabelle Fonverne on level crossing safety activities. This included information on the Global Level Crossing Network (GLCN), ILCAD, and trespassing and suicide prevention issues with TRESPAD, as well as two other safety related UIC working groups: the International Railway Safety Network (IRSN) and the System Safety Management Group (SSMG).

For more information about the UIC Safety Unit, please visit Safety.

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