Wednesday 10 November 2021

UIC and UITP publish a joint statement for the Transport Thematic Day

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Today is the Transport Thematic Day at COP26, UITP and UIC are publishing a joint statement on the need for greater focus on rail and public transport on the climate agenda.

Read it in full here:

The two associations, both official observers at the COP26, co-hosted a global high-level public transport discussion on board the Porterbrook Hydroflex train at Glasgow Central station.

In his speech, Secretary General of UITP, Mohamed Mezghani said “public transport is already part of the solution, but it features in only 30 percent of the countries national plans, it must be in all of them… it is important that UIC and UITP join forces and convey this important message at COP26 this week.”

François Davenne, Director General of UIC, echoed this, “Today for COP26, time is the issue, we have ten years to halt and reverse the rising emissions from transport”, he added “rail combined with public transport, cycling and walking has the capability to be the essential ingredient for a net zero carbon transport system”.

Members of the two associations shared their thoughts on the key accelerators for shift to public transport.

Both leaders went on to join the Ministerial gathering at the COP26 where they met transport ministers from around the world to discuss the priorities for decarbonising transport.

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