Monday 30 October 2023

UIC Excellence in Railway Publications Awards 2023

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The third edition of the UIC Excellence in Railway Publications Awards took place on 25 October 2023 in a hybrid format with around 70 members from different countries being present in-person at UIC HQ in Paris.
This year’s seven IRSs and three guidelines were given awards in the 4 categories: Business Oriented, Innovative with Value Added, Proficiently Developed, and Interfaces with External Organisations.

Adeline Bouvresse, Chief Standardisation Officer opened the ceremony, welcoming and thanking all the participants for their contributions and for their attendance.
She also highlighted the importance of producing and updating UIC railway publications, saying that they are essential to UIC’s mission to make railways safer and more efficient, as well as this being made possible due to the involvement of more than 2000 experts around the world.

Asako Togari, UIC Standardisation Platform Chair, and Laurent Schmitt, UIC Standardisation Platform Deputy Chair, had the pleasure of announcing the winning entries, introducing the working group leaders or representatives, and awarding them their prizes according to the categories below:

Business Oriented
IRS 40404-2 Compendium of the data to be exchanged between Railway Undertakings (RUs) for the purpose of conveying freight traffic
IRS 90918-4 e-Ticket Exchange for Control

Interfaces with External Organisations
IRS 70719-1 Recommendations for the use of Under Ballast Mats. UBM

Innovative with Value Added
Guidelines Harmonised methodology for drone/UAV use for bridge inspections
Guidelines on Managing Railway Assets for Biodiversity

Proficiently Developed
IRS 70722 Maintaining and improving earthworks and track bed layers

Proficiently developed and interfaces with external organisations
Guidelines Loading Guidelines Volume 1 and 2

The ceremony was brought to a close by thanking all of the winners for the quality of their publications, and more generally to all of the working groups and members, in addition to those who attended the ceremony.

The 4th edition of the UIC Excellence in Railway Publications Awards is planned for 15 October 2024 in Paris.

All of the documents presented are accessible on the online UIC Railway Publications shop:

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