Friday 27 November 2020

UIC FRMCS Functional Working Group

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The UIC FRMCS Functional Working Group (FWG) held its 50th meeting on 17 and 18 November. The WG, chaired by Erik Van Bommel of ProRail, includes members from SBB, DB Netz, ÖBB, SNCF, TV, FTA, Infrabel, NR, ProRail, NS and IP, with the participation of ERA, and is one of the initial UIC FRMCS project working groups. Its first and quite notable deliverable was the FRMCS User Requirements Specification (URS). This document is the foundation of FRMCS as it forms the basis for all UIC specifications (3GPP and ETSI specifications, functional and system requirements specifications, interface specifications, application specifications, etc.). The FRMCS URS has been consulted widely and has received more than 800 comments, demonstrating its significance.

The FWG is now focusing on the delivery of the first interim version of the FRMCS Functional Requirements Specification for June 2021 as input for the CCS TSI milestone.

This symbolic 50th meeting is proof – if proof is needed – of the hard work and valuable results achieved by this UIC working group.

For further information please contact Dan Mandoc, Head of FRMCS:

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