Friday 30 June 2023

UIC FRMCS Working Groups met in Sigtuna, Sweden

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The UIC FRMCS Functional, Architecture & Technology, and Frequencies Working Groups met in Sigtuna, Sweden, at the kind invitation of Trafikverket on 21 and 22 of June.

This two-day event consisted of a day on which each working group attended the scheduled activities, followed by a second day when a plenary meeting was held and liaison meetings between the working groups were set up.

These UIC Working Groups are each responsible for a part of the UIC FRMCS Specifications, namely the Functional Requirements Specification, the System Requirements Specification and the TOBA Functional Requirements Specification, as well as the FRMCS frequencies studies, all additionally linked to the UIC FRMCS FIS and FFFIS Specifications.

46 members of the working groups participated in person, and another 10 participated remotely. The ERA radio team also participated.

With kind support from Trafikverket, such events have also been held in previous years. They enable direct discussion between the members of the different working groups, especially during the plenary meeting, where transversal issues are discussed, as well as common planning for the FRMCS Programme. This particular plenary meeting was very important because, following the successful submission of the FRMCS V1 Specifications for the 2023 CCS TSI, UIC is committed to creating and delivering the follow-up FRMCS V2 Specifications by the end of Q1 2014, which is a very challenging target, due both to its complexity and the volume of work.

The FRMCS V2 Specifications will enable the FRMCS European Trial (Morane 2) which is to be implemented with the support of DG Move and EU-Rail JU. This trial is key for the introduction of the FRMCS 1st Edition, Q4 2026, so that railways can start national FRMCS pilots.

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