Monday 11 April 2022

UIC in Philadelphia to discuss public transport and high-speed rail developments

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During the week of 28 March 2022, UIC contributed to various meetings in Philadelphia on the occasion of the annual APTA Conference, “Connecting American’s Cities”.

UIC was in charge of the first session, bringing together high-speed rail stakeholders (DB, Renfe, Adif, ONCF, Société du Grand Paris, JR-East, TRA), as well as McKinsey, which shared its initial results from a study on how to boost passenger preference for rail. More than 300 participants from all levels and from all over the country were in attendance, allowing UIC and APTA to strengthen ties.

UIC’s message during the opening session with high-level participants (Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Administrator of FRA, decision-makers from Pennsylvania) was well received. The UIC Refugee Taskforce resonated strongly with the participants. In addition, the announcement of the High-Speed Congress in Morocco, to be held in March 2023, was received with great enthusiasm.

UIC also held its High-Speed Congress Scientific Committee meeting during this week in America. The involvement of all UIC members within this committee (SNCF, DB, ONCF, Renfe, Adif, FS-Trenitalia, JR-East, FCH) bodes well for a high-quality congress.

Concerning the Intercity and High-Speed Committee, a keynote speech given by Amtrak featured a presentation on night trains in America. This was of great interest to the UIC members, who are already involved in the Night Train Working Group.

The UIC North America Regional Assembly was held the same week, with several members attending in person: FRA, RAC, CHSRA, AAR. Amtrak and the Mexican regulatory agency also participated online.

This 2022 APTA event highlighted a keen interest and the need for cooperation on American rail development. The contacts made locally will better enable UIC to mobilise to meet the needs of the North America Region in the context of the development of high-speed rail in America.

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