Tuesday 20 April 2021

UIC Pacific meetings held online on 9 March and 15 April

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On 15 April, Pacific members enjoyed another informative UIC meeting conducted via Zoom. This platform provides a useful tool in breaking down the barrier of distance faced by Australian members in connecting with the rest of the global rail community. The meeting featured a presentation on the latest developments in asset management led by UIC, and in particular Andy Kirwan of Network Rail, a longstanding champion of asset management in the railways. Mr Kirwan also reminded members of the UIC Application Guide – Practical Implementation of Asset Management through ISO55001, which is available on the UIC website.

The previous meeting of Pacific members, held on 9 March, featured presentations by Mercedes Gutierrez of UIC and David Villalmanzo on UIC’s latest work on track management and detection of broken rails, in particular where axle counters are used instead of track circuits for train detection.

Both meetings were well attended and have generated a great deal of activity between UIC and its members. They have proved to be a great success and demonstrate another way in which UIC is delivering value to members. Short, targeted presentations mean that busy members do not need to sacrifice many days away from work to get the information they need to improve business operations, and using online tools such as Zoom means that the cost to members and UIC is kept to a minimum. The next meeting is scheduled for 9 September, and members are currently being consulted on the proposed topic.

For further information, please contact Tom Sargant, UIC Pacific Representative, at tom.sargant@ranfurlie.com

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