Tuesday 19 October 2021

UIC participates in an international workshop organised by the Federal Railroad Administration

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UIC Rail System Director Christian Chavanel participated in a workshop on innovative project delivery techniques held on 13 October and organised by the Federal Railroad Administration. Other participants included Keir Fitch, Head of Unit, Rail Safety and Interoperability at DG MOVE, European Commission, Javier Ibáñez de Yrigoyen, Programme Manager, Innovation Programmes, Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking, Alvaro Mascaraque, Deputy Director for International Organisations, Adif, Enrico Trapazzo, President and CEO, FS Italian Railways USA Inc., and Andrew Hope, Executive Vice President, Subway Program Delivery, Capital Projects Group, Metrolinx.

Mr Chavanel provided an overview of the railway regulation allowing for multiple operators on a railway network, with a focus on the European Union. Participants stressed the need to work on the same network and to develop global standards.

For further information, please contact Marie Plaud-Lombard, UIC Coordinator for UIC North America Region, at plaud-lombard@uic.org

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