Tuesday 18 July 2023

UIC publishes IRS 10145: “Recommendations for the organisation of assistance services for persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility”

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Since 2010, representatives from most of the main railway companies in Europe have met regularly to discuss accessibility issues and PRM policies as part of a working group. When this group started its work there were many legal changes in Europe regarding PRM policies, together with increasing social pressure on this subject. Moreover, it was made clear from the beginning that a good PRM policy would lead to improved railway capacity, which would in turn lead to an increase in the number of passengers and to the growth of positive awareness in terms of international cooperation.

This working group is called PASSAGE, and over the years it has become the major reference in railway accessibility in Europe. PASSAGE currently has 25 members, including two from North America and one from Morocco.

In addition to exchanging best practices, over the past three years PASSAGE has been working to update UIC Leaflet 145. Monthly meetings have been held to discuss all existing points in the leaflet one by one, with the aim of creating a new IRS in line with new legal obligations (such as the current Rail Passengers’ Rights and Obligations (PRR)) and the state of the art of assistance and accessibility in stations and trains for persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility.

IRS 10145 describes the process of delivering assistance to persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility in the absence of autonomous barrier-free access to train services. It provides recommendations for assistance delivery and communication flows between the involved actors.
The IRS contains best practices and the steps that members of UIC PASSAGE (Passenger Accessibility Solutions Support and Action Group of Experts) are taking to fulfil their obligations in respect of current legislation and to improve accessible mobility for all.

Link to the IRS: https://shop.uic.org/fr/101-trafic-voyageurs/14511-recommendations-for-the-organisation-of-assistance-services-for-persons-with-disabilities-and-persons-with-reduced-mobility.html

More information about PASSAGE is available at https://uic.org/projects/passenger-accessibility-solutions-support-and-action-group-for-europe-ii

For further information, please contact Vanessa Perez at perez@uic.org

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