Tuesday 14 June 2022

UIC publishes new factsheet on the Flexible Content Barcode (FCB)

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The UIC Passenger Department has released a new factsheet on the Flexible Content Barcode (FCB), the most modern UIC standard in rail barcode ticketing.

The FCB barcode holds all transport contracts in an open, unencrypted format. The data itself is signed using asymmetric signature algorithms, which guarantees a very high level of security and prevents counterfeiting. The FCB standard defines both static and dynamic barcodes. Static barcodes can be issued on paper or on screen, while dynamic barcodes – which change every few seconds – can be displayed on screen only. A dynamic barcode is an excellent extra safeguard against copy fraud.

As part of its work to develop paperless standards and solutions, the UIC FCB User Group meets on a regular basis to share experiences of developing and using FCB within the area of ticketing. The members of the group are companies using the FCB as ticket issuers or Ticket Controlling Organisations (TCO). Companies developing FCB solutions are also welcome to join the group.

The UIC FCB is currently being deployed by railways in Europe as they make improvements to their ticketing systems with the aim of enhancing customer experience and enabling increasingly seamless travel across Europe.

To read the factsheet click here: https://uic.org/IMG/pdf/uic-passenger-flexible-content-barcode.pdf

For further information about the FCB User Group please contact Fabrice Setta, Senior Advisor for Passenger Transport: setta@uic.org

Or Kurt De Vriendt, Chair of the UIC Ticket Security Group (TSG): kurt.devriendt@vlaamsparlement.be

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