Monday 9 November 2020

New OSDM (Open Sales and Distribution Model) platform to replace UIC’s PRIFIS international tariffs distribution tool

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The distribution of tariffs for international rail travel among railway companies and ticket vendors is set to become more advanced and flexible as UIC announces its new OSDM platform, which will replace PRIFIS from next year. UIC has awarded the contract for the provision of the new OSDM platform to Hit Rail B.V. Once launched, the new service will become an important foundation for pan-European passenger travel by distributing international travel tariffs and prices among railway companies’ distribution systems and making them available around the world.

OSDM is the new European-wide industry standard for ticket sales, reservations and price distribution, a project jointly managed by UIC, railway companies and ticket vendors involved in EU travel technology, and ECTAA associations. OSDM is the result of fusion of the previous FSM (Full Service Model) initiative and nTM (new Tariff Model) project for comprehensive and open interoperability for train ticket sales. OSDM uses state-of-the-art technologies to support the implementation of the new UIC International Railway Solution (IRS) 90918-10.

The UIC OSDM platform will be one of the first steps toward achieving the vision of providing seamless train sales and after-sales processes, supporting an increased role for rail travel in the 21st century. UIC’s objective is to make the OSDM platform available for railway partners and ticket vendors in April 2021.

The OSDM platform will be provided in a software as a service (SaaS), cloud-based mode. Its architecture will enable the ongoing introduction of future UIC services related to the distributing of tariffs and price data. The technical components of the solution are deployed in a fully virtual, enterprise-grade cloud environment.

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