Wednesday 9 September 2020

UIC’s Track & Structures Sector publishes first edition of IRS 70779-10 “Tunnel asset management and maintenance principles”

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The new IRS 70779-10 “Tunnel asset management and maintenance principles” is the evolution of the UIC Leaflet 779-10 “Management and maintenance principles for existing tunnels”, 2nd edition, February 2011.

In October 2018, UIC published the report “Repair works in tunnels”, which was developed by a dedicated working group of structural experts under the lead of SNCF. Tunnels, like many assets of railway networks, were constructed over a century ago and are now inevitably deteriorating. Repair works must be carried out in a reliable and safe manner in order to ensure serviceability. Infrastructure managers have developed specific repair techniques based on the characteristics of local tunnel assets. The abovementioned report gives information on the most frequently used methods for repair, the conditions in which they are carried out, and the appropriate safety measures associated with such work.

During the migration from leaflet 779-10 to the new IRS 70779-10, the upgrade work has mainly been based on the methods shown in the UIC “Repair works in tunnels” report. The most significant changes have been made in chapter 5 “Carrying out the work”. Some improvement of the document in general have also been made, and relevant comments have been collected for the complete review of IRS 70779-10.

IRS 70779-10 gives essential information on tunnels designed for railway trains in order to ensure the long-term safety or to modify the operating characteristics. It describes the procedures to be accomplished and the steps to be followed to achieve consistency between the different maintenance work phases: assessment - diagnosis - treatment.

This IRS is intended for structural experts and infrastructure managers to provide guidance for the management of tunnels during their whole lifetime. The methods described in this IRS help prolong the assets’ lifespan, improve the performance while maximising the availability of the lines and increase the sustainability of the structures.

You can find the document in the UIC ETF-Shop at the following link:


The report “Repair works in Tunnels” can be found here:

A special mention must be made for all the UIC staff involved over the last few years in achieving this new IRS, especially for T&S advisors David Villalmanzo Resusta, and Harald Sattler as lead coordinator.

For further information please contact Infrastructure and TTI Senior Advisors Mercedes Gutierrez:

Or David Mirayo:

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