Friday 9 June 2023

UIC Security Platform Working Groups Joint Meeting held in Paris

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On 1 June 2023, the UIC Security Division organised a joint hybrid meeting of two Security Platform Working Groups at UIC Headquarters in Paris. The UIC Members had the opportunity to participate in the Joint Meeting of the Strategy and Regulation Working Group (SRWG) and the New Technologies Working Group (NTWG).

In the morning, 29 security experts from 11 countries gathered to discuss the role of body cameras in rail security and to hear about practical experience in this matter from the UIC members. During the meeting, the newly appointed Chair of the New Technologies Working Group, Armand Raudin from the SNCF Security Directorate, and the Chair of the Strategy and Regulation Working Group, Delphine Beatse from SNCB, underlined the important and crucial role that body cameras play in rail security for passengers, staff, and stations. The meeting featured presentations from several UIC members such as SNCF (France) and DB (Germany) on experiences in corporate security working with body cameras. Participants also discussed the key lessons learned from the use of body cameras in an operational environment.

The fruitful discussions from the meeting will to help update the ‘body camera solution’ in the Rail Security Hub, which can be accessed at:

The next Strategy and Regulation Working Group meeting will take place in autumn 2023, and the New Technologies Working Group Kick-off meeting will be held in September 2023.

Additionally, the UIC Security Division is celebrating the arrival of a new team member: Bruno De Rosa, Senior Security Advisor seconded from FS Security S.p.A. (FS Group) in Italy, who arrived on the same day as the meeting was held. De Rosa will be UIC’s new Point of Contact for the New Technologies Working Group.

Any experts who are interested in joining these working groups can contact the UIC Points of Contact directly:

  • For SRWG, Marie-Hélène Bonneau at
  • For NTWG, Bruno De Rosa at

The presentations given during the meeting are available on the extranet at:

For further information, please contact:

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Sample Body Camera that is in use in the rail sector
Screenshot from the hybrid meeting on bodycams