Friday 30 April 2021

UIC supporting its members in the transition from PRIFIS to OSDM: OSDM converter workshop held on 27 April

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Since 2004, UIC has provided a database for its members containing the price and tariff data for 36 European railways: VR, BC, UZ, CFM, LG, LDz, EVR, KZH, GySEV, ŽRS, CIÉ, TCDD, CFL, FS, SNCF, CP, ZPC, GC, FARYM, TrainOSE, NSB, DB, SNCB, FPC, BDZ, CFR, ČD, MÁV, ZSSK, SV, SJ, HŽ, SŽ, ÖBB, NS, SBB, DSB and PKP. The price and fare data exchanged was described in UIC Leaflet 108-1 (NRT) and stored in the PRIFIS (PRIce and Fare Information Storage) database.

PRIFIS was fully redesigned in 2019 due to difficulties with the old format and obsolete technology. Thus, in 2020, UIC completed the procurement process for implementation of the new tool. The new system is called the OSDM Platform; its main functions are being implemented by UIC, and the railways will use it in production from August 2021.

To facilitate the migration process, UIC also provides a converter to transform the railways’ existing 108-1 format into the new OSDM format and vice versa. UIC supported its members throughout 2020 in organising workshops for railway IT and commercial personnel.

83 railway experts met for the second half-day OSDM Platform meeting on 27 April.

Clemens Gantert, Chair of the UIC Passenger Services Solutions (PSS) Group, presented the latest technical modifications for converting the old 108-1 fare data format to the new OSDM IRS 90918-10 data format. He emphasised the importance of the border points setting for smooth conversion and detailed the three different types of border points.

Sören Meyer, DB pricing expert, has developed a step-by-step converter manual and a template for the converter. The template may be used by any railway to convert its fare data to the new OSDM format. The railway experts had numerous technical questions and received comprehensive answers. All of the participants thanked Clemens and Sören for their excellent work and the help they provided to all of the European railways.

Enrique Ruiz, Manager at UIC IT provider Hit Rail, presented the new OSDM Platform, which will be in test mode from 15 May, with go-live planned for 15 August.

Finally, David Sarfatti, UIC Passenger Department Advisor, provided an overview of the OSDM project, including the OSDM online API work in progress and the full project timeline for 2021.

The new UIC OSDM messaging protocol substantially simplifies the booking process for public transport customers and reduces complexity and distribution costs for distributors and carriers. OSDM strengthens rail and public transport as convenient and ecological means of transport by simplifying distribution. It lays a solid foundation which can be extended to the distribution of other means of transport.

For further information, please contact David Sarfatti:

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