Thursday 19 May 2022

UIC takes part in TransRail 2022

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On 12 May Christian Chavanel, UIC Director Rail System, took part in TransRail 2022 in Paris. He spoke about artificial intelligence and its implications for the European railway sector. In particular, he explained in a few words what artificial intelligence is: machine learning, natural language processing and robotics.

He then outlined the European policy context and described potential use cases for railways: facial recognition, conversational agents and virtual assistants for travellers, sales forecasts based on machine learning, robotics in stations, trains and warehouses, and predictive maintenance for rolling stock and infrastructure.
He stressed the indispensable role of data scientists, information system engineers and railway experts in the implementation of artificial intelligence, and the need to consider the human-machine pair as a whole in the process of putting on the market artificial intelligence applied to railways.

For further information, the following brochures can be downloaded in English, French or German:

For further information please contact Christian Chavanel, UIC Director Rail System:

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