Friday 22 October 2021

UIC Taskforce on Safety Barriers holds its fourth meeting

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The UIC Taskforce on Safety Barriers met for the fourth time on 19 October. This meeting provided an opportunity to begin drafting a definition of a barrier model with a common vision of a safety barrier.

A safety barrier is implemented to prevent an event with time, place and frequency. It protects against an event and can be active or passive. To go further, a barrier must reflect a systemic and integrated vision of safety by integrating the human and the organisation in order to act as a proactive and positive barrier to safety.

Later in the meeting, Frédéric Hénon presented a summary of UIC’s vision for the International Railway Safety Council (IRSC) 2021 and its potential activities in 2022.

This task force is open to all UIC members. To join us, please contact Frédéric Hénon, Head of Operations and Safety at UIC at

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