Wednesday 7 April 2021

UIC to present opportunities and challenges for the Southern and Middle Corridors on 22 April

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As a prominent stakeholder in international rail freight, UIC actively promotes corridor development as a tool to boost goods transport via rail. Corridor development also helps to encourage international trade development and cooperation.

Part of UIC’s role is to conduct studies and concrete proposals to facilitate the development of better rail freight corridors. In 2017, a study was commissioned to analyse the state of play on the Eurasian Silk Road in the context of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. The study focused on the Northern Corridors.

On 22 April, UIC will present a new study on Eurasian rail traffic with a focus on the development of the Middle/Southern Corridor. This study provides transparency on the current level of development of the corridor, highlights bottlenecks and provides insights into development potential. UIC will presents specific recommendations on how to promote these underutilised corridors.

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