Tuesday 29 November 2016

TopRail.org: New UIC website on Tourism by Rail

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UIC is pleased to announce that the new TopRail website has been launched: www.toprail.org

The TopRail website seeks to raise the profile of tourism by rail all over the world. It was created with latest information directly provided by its railway companies and has the ambitious goal of presenting a global overview of the existing leisure experiences by rail.

TopRail is open both to UIC members and the overall international railway community. The site, which already provides a large amount of information on tourist lines and trains by country, will undergo a process of continuous improvement and will feature new functions, with the option of navigating throughout the site using key words and a focus on tourist lines and trains worldwide.

It will also include regularly updated UIC e-News articles, as well as information about events and new products regarding the issue of tourism by rail.

Customers are more empowered than ever before in shaping their tourism experiences. New trends in tourism cater to “slow travellers” who want to create their own “authentic” journey. In this framework, the “leisure by train” formula works perfectly as a way to identify what turns simple transport into a special experience, which is a strategic framework for ensuring an attractive and positive image of railways in the current and next generations.

In this context, UIC, as the home of the international railway community, is in a privileged position to act as a catalyst between the railway industry and tourism sector. It is a neutral forum that provides a great opportunity to create a stable and formal network and a common voice for the tourism on railways activities.
To design and create a promotional platform (website) facilitating technical and commercial contacts between potential partners and the local tourism industry is one of the most important planned deliverables of the UIC TopRail group.

The site will enrich the existing group of dedicated sites devoted to current railway issues and projects coordinated by UIC in different areas such as freight, safety, environment, etc.

For further information please contact Vanessa Perez, UIC Senior Advisor Passenger and High Speed Department:


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