Tuesday 5 March 2019

Next steps of cooperation agreed between UIC and Nepad, the African Union Development Agency

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Next steps of cooperation agreed between UIC and the Nepad, the African Union Development Agency

UIC, represented by Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, François Davenne, Deputy Director General, Thierry Bera, Chief Financial Officer - Africa Coordinator and Francis Bédel, Chief Digital Officer today met Nepad, represented by Dr I. Mayaki, Nepad CEO and A. Deen, CEO Senior Advisor for Transports. Nepad being the development agency of the African Union aims to facilitate and coordinate the implementation of regional and continental priority programmes and projects, to mobilise resources and to work towards the establishment of partnerships with the international community.

Firstly, both parties outlined the great success of the 1st UIC African Digital Rail Summit held in Cape Town at the beginning of this week, co-organised by UIC, Nepad with the support of the African Union.

Major outputs of this conference have been examined:

  • Implementation of an African Digital backbone in deploying fibre optic cable along the railway network
  • Creation of an African digital platform to provide facilities for all African rail actors to share and exchange on all digital rail initiatives and projects.
  • Define and design standards for the African continent to ensure real connectivity and interoperability.
  • Ensure transition to support continuous digital changes with a view to scalable implementation
  • Promote joint training

All these objectives will feed both the UIC strategic vision 2040 as well as the UIC Digital Progress Paper and will be sustained by UIC dedicated working bodies.

Thierry Bera, UIC Coordinator African Region: bera

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Meeting with NEPAD
From left to right: Mr Francis Bédel, UIC Chief Digital Officer; Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General; Dr Ibrahim Mayaki, CEO, NEPAD; Mr François Davenne, UIC Deputy Director General; Mr Adama Deen, NEPAD; Mr Thierry Bera, UIC Coodinator African Region