Tuesday 2 April 2019

1st Digital Intelligent Rail Conference jointly organised by UIC and Infrabel to be held from 3 – 5 June 2019 in Brussels

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In this rapidly changing world, UIC’s objectives are to bring new ideas, benchmark and technical solutions into the railway community and to develop a long-term vision sustained by standards and innovations.

In this spirit, UIC is organising the ‘1st Global UIC Digital Intelligent Rail Conference’ in partnership with INFRABEL in Brussels on 3 - 5 June 2019.
This event will be open to the railway community, to the other associations, to the industry partners, to universities and to the global digital ecosystem.
In the 21st century, rail is facing the challenges of the digital revolution.
Several high-level speakers will be present during the conference, such as the following keynote speakers for the opening session:
Brett McMillen, Director of US Amazon Web Services
Jean Michel Mis, Member of the French Government
Grazia Vittadini, Chief Technical Officer Airbus Italy
Ryan Jannise, Vice-President of ORACLE DOD (US Department of Defense)

The DIR Conference will be held in Brussels, at Square - the Brussels Convention Centre. The 3 June will be dedicated to a technical visit, the 4 and 5 June to the speaker’s session.

The main topics are:

  • Operations Panel
    Signalling and Asset Management through digital revolution. A challenge for rail: autonomous trains.
  • Maintenance Panel
    IoT for data collection. Combining big data with artificial intelligence leads to a new maintenance model: how to go from preventive to predictive.
  • Security Panel
    Digital Intelligent Railway creates new opportunities but also new threats. A new approach to security must be implemented: how to combine security and privacy.
  • Passenger Panel
    New services for customers. Intermodality and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) are two key concepts for a new model of mobility.
  • Freight Panel
    Interoperability, safety and security in freight thanks to digitalisation. Mobility also applies to freight.

In parallel to the event, a digital challenge will take place in the exhibition area during the conference.

As sponsors and exhibitors, the DIR Conference offers you several opportunities, with categories of sponsorship from 3,500 Euros up to 25,000 Euros and an exhibition area where you can bring your company’s latest technologies and have the possibility to perform demonstrations.

Register now as a participant, sponsor and exhibitor at https://dir.international/

For further information please contact Barbara Mouchel, Senior Communications Advisor: mouchel@uic.org

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