Tuesday 21 May 2019

4th Training on Commuter and Regional Train Services (CRTS) to be held from 5 – 7 June 2019 in Barcelona

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Register now: https://events.uic.org/4th-training-on-commuter-and-regional-train-services

The 4th Training Session on Commuter and Regional Train Services, jointly organised by UIC and FGC (Catalonian Railways in Spain) will take place in Barcelona from 5 – 7 June.

The training programme aims to examine all the constituent elements, as well as the different types of Commuter and Regional Train System (CRTS) and to measure their impact impartially and objectively from political, social and economic standpoints. The UIC CRTS working group aims to provide responses to these needs, and has supported the organisation of a three-day training programme in which the main aspects of these services will be studied during the six different sessions kindly hosted by FGC:

  • Main principles of the Commuter and Regional Train Systems around the world
  • Legal Framework and Tendering
  • Safety and Security
  • New Skills and Staff Training
  • Ticketing and Mobility as a Service
  • Customer Service Experience

This training will allow the participants to meet and exchange experiences with other participants from different areas of the world and to attend lectures from representatives of railway companies, the supply industry, university, international organisations and public authorities.

Do not forget to register!

Limited places: Secure your place by registering online at the link below, where you will also find the programme and practical information about the venue. Please visit the link: https://events.uic.org/4th-training-on-commuter-and-regional-train-services

UIC CRTS Handbook

The UIC CRTS working group is developing a Handbook to provide an overview on best practice regarding Commuter and Regional Train Services on a global scale.
A survey has been designed to focus on the most important strategic issues and to understand the different ways of dealing with them depending on the different framework and network conditions.

If you are interested in participating, it will take you about 10 minutes to answer this survey. Please consult it here: UIC CRTS Handbook Survey

For further information please contact Vanessa Perez, Advisor for the UIC Passenger Department:


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