Tuesday 10 September 2019

RAI is developing its international and tourist trains

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UIC Passenger Forum Director, Mr Marc Guigon, met the passenger section of RAI at its headquarters in Tehran on 4 September 2019 and to discuss the ways in which RAI could be more involved in the activities and projects of the UIC Passenger Forum.

At this meeting, which was held in the presence of Mr Kazamimanes, Director General of RAI for Planning and Supervising Passenger Services Department of RAI, his deputies and also the head of the groups and experts of this department as well as representatives of International Affairs Department of RAI, Mr Kazemimanesh reported on the activities and projects of the passenger section of RAI, and expressed their intention for RAI to be more involved in the activities and projects of the UIC Passenger Forum and emphasised the exchange of information and experiences with UIC members on passenger issues.

The Deputies of this department also gave a brief report on their projects and asked for UIC’s expertise on some issues and problems which they face. It was suggested that the passenger services group for train passengers both in stations and inside the trains should be established in the Passenger forum of RAI, which Mr Marc Guigon explained could be presented to the members of the Passenger Global Forum, for their consideration and approval.

Mr Nedaei, deputy director general for tourist trains, reported on RAI’s activities and plans to develop international passenger and tourist trains as well as launch different tourist trains inside the country. He said that the Tehran-Ankara passenger trains and the Tabriz-Van Passenger trains have already been launched and the plans for launching passenger trains between Tehran-Qom-Karbala (in Iraq), the Pakistan-Iran Passenger trains, and the Mashhad-Ashgabat passenger trains are on the agenda. He mentioned that so far 28 tourist trains from Europe and Asia have come to Iran and RAI is providing more facilities for attracting tourist trains and also tourist train operators to Iran.

It was agreed that the timetable and schedule of RAI passenger and tourist trains should be put in the UIC Merits system.

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