Tuesday 15 October 2019

UIC Security Division presents the Abandoned Luggage page on the Security Hub

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Abandoned luggage remains a key concern for railway stakeholders. To help UIC members navigate this issue, the UIC Security Division has added an Abandoned Luggage Security Solutions Page to the Security Hub.

This new page facilitates finding left luggage security solutions by regrouping relevant solutions featured in the rail security hub. It includes previously featured solutions, such as explosive detection dogs, and explains the ways in which those solutions are relevant for abandoned luggage, for example, “Explosive detection dogs, when appropriately trained, can be deployed to check left luggage.”

This new page also includes several new security solutions relevant to abandoned luggage:

  • Mandatory luggage labels
  • Training staff to respond to left luggage
  • Awareness campaign for something suspicious

Check it out & register for the rail security hub at: https://railsecurityhub.org

For further information please contact Laura Petersen, Senior Research Advisor:


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