Tuesday 19 November 2019

Creditors’ Forum held on 14 November at UIC Paris

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On 14 November 2019 UIC organised a Creditors’ Form meeting at UIC HQ in Paris. The forum meets annually to bring together European Railways and focuses on the issue of debt settlement between the railways.

UIC was represented by Thierry Béra, UIC CFO, and Maria Lafont, Secretary of the meeting.

The aim of the annual forum is to establish what work had been done since the last meeting and solve some of the outstanding issues. Apart from UIC who acted as moderator, the forum was attended by the moderator of the Debt group/ODC who followed the historical background of the issue.

The major part of the forum was devoted to multilateral negotiations between the companies – the aim of which was to find a solution to the unresolved issues. Among the attending railways were SV, HZPP, SK and BDZ.

For more information please contact Thierry Béra, UIC Finance Director:


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