10th APNRTC Seminar

Chengdu, China, 25-26 April 2018

APNRTC (Asia Pacific Network of Rail Training Centres) is a regional network operating under the aegis of the UIC Expertise Development Platform.

What is APNRTC ?

  • The regional branch in Asia Pacific of UIC Talent & Expertise Development Platform
  • A group of Railway training / workforce development Professionals
  • A forum for exchange on rail training & education practices
  • The expert body in Asia- Pacific for all questions related to railway education & training and workforce development ( ex: the network contributed in 2015 to AP vision 2050!)
  • The decision making body concerning UIC rail education & training work programme in the region.
  • The entrusted body to create links with global UIC expertise development projects (ex: TALENT, Rail Uni Net,..) & adapt them at regional level

For more information about Regional training centres, please follow: http://www.uic.org/Regional-training-centers#Regional-Networks-of-Rail-Training-Centres

Results of 10th APNRTC: Survey on selected training topics for 2019/2020

Please find below in the survey a range of topics selected by the 10th APNRTC for the years 2019 and 2020. Please select from the answers 2 topics for 2019 and 2 topics for 2020 (you can select from the opening lists of topics)
Please also assess how many of your employees will attend each training (5 days long each).

Please note that each member should mark only two topics for 2019 and two topics for 2020.
You are welcome to suggest a new topic.


Nathalie Amirault, Head of UIC Unit Expertise Development

Béatrice Ségéral: Institutional Relations segeral@uic.org

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