6th Training on High Speed Systems Level II

10-14 December 2018, Madrid

Dates: from 10-14 December 2018

Venue: Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles
c/ Santa Isabel, 44 –28012 Madrid SPAIN


UIC members’ cooperation helps ensure that every year around 50 participants interact with more than 40 high level speakers during a week-long session reviewing in detail all the components of a High-Speed Rail System. The training is aimed at decision-makers and is held every year divided in two different levels.

THSS Level II main objective is to provide in-depth and comprehensive insight into the High-Speed System (HSRS), to discuss and develop practical High-Speed projects. Visit strategic points on High Speed system and discuss them on-site will help to integrate.


Our speakers are all experts in the subjects addressed and are drawn mainly from railways, universities and industry. They represent all the countries and world regions with experience in the field of High Speed Rail System.
The program of the training has been specially designed by the UIC Intercity and High-Speed Committee. This group is composed by experts from all the companies and countries involved in HSR Systems as HS2, SNCF, DB, Trenitalia, FCH, FFE, IK, LISEA, EUROSTAR, THALYS, RENFE, ADIF, RZD, PKP, AMTRAK, Euskotren, KORAIL, JR, CR, CARS, THSRC, Trafikverket, FTA, TCDD, ONCF, FTA…


  • Provide in-depth and comprehensive insight into the High-Speed Rail System (HSRS)
  • Provide managers with all the information needed to facilitate decision-making on the subject of HSRS
  • Discuss and develop practical High-Speed projects, following the path/way to implement a HSRS
  • Visit strategic points on the Spanish Network
    Both levels complement each other, since the first level has a more theoretical character and the second more practical


This program is aimed at professionals already involved in any of the processes of HSR or who intend to do so in the near future, whether working for railway companies or ministries, local authorities, universities, advisory bodies, agencies or associations: managers, strategy experts, decisionmakers, economists, banks, industry, engineers...

  • The seminar is targeted at people who wish to be given a comprehensive overview of high speed systems
  • Seminar participants need not have in-depth knowledge of any specific subject relating to high speed systems
  • Attendance at all sessions is therefore mandatory
  • Previous attendance to THSS Level I is recommended for Level II but not necessary



Introduction to High Speed Systems (summary of basic THSS – Level 1):

  • Potential in the conventional network (“incremental rail speeds”)
  • General approach to high speed rail
  • Overview of high-speed rail systems around the world
  • High Speed Implementation Handbook


Each theoretical session will consist of a presentation about the several strategic concepts necessary for a High-Speed project development. Each subject can be composed of a one or more 30-minute presentation.

Strategic subjects identified are:

  • Environment: Presentation of UIC research on high speed’s contribution to sustainable mobility and carbon balance
  • Stations for High Speed Systems: Presentation of UIC research on high speed and the city
  • Traffic Forecasting: Basic principles of modelling and its application to High Speed prospection
  • Standards for High Speed Rail Systems: Requirements, definitions, different types of standards, different “families” of rail standards
  • Other Fundamental Values in High Speed Projects:
  1. Basic principles for comprehensive planning and processes in developing a high-speed project
  2. Fundamental elements of high speed (safety, security, RAMS [Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety], quality, management, life cycle cost, etc.), Integration concept


During the training, and on an alternating basis with the different theoretical sessions, students will be divided into groups of a maximum of 5 students led by a teacher-supervisor and will develop and discuss a real example of a High-Speed project.

This practical exercise will include all the steps to accomplish to define and plan a real High-Speed project, from the beginning of the process up to the final configuration of basic parameters and many actions to implement. A presentation and final common discussion will be held at the end of the training.

After the setting-up of the groups, each one will play a different roll (operator, infrastructure manager, government) and develop the different consecutive parts. At the end, a plenary discussion will compare the different solutions reached.

The participants of the THSS II will have the opportunity to use THE HIGH-SPEED PLANNER as a part of the training to simulate a real HSS project. The High-Speed Planner is a didactic and dynamic tool especially designed as a complement to be use during the Training on HSS. It allows the user to develop hypotheses considering the main parameters to be implemented in every High-Speed System project. All the main elements (social, economic and environmental) will be analyzed to take decisions and see the resulting outcomes.


In cooperation with Renfe, ADIF and other actors, a series of transfers will complement the theoretical concepts explained and the different parameters described in the practical case.

The training seminar will be held in Madrid and some technical visits will be carried out in different cities. Information will be provided well in advance and in any case, the organization of the training will consider all the logistics.


The training session will be held in English. However, other languages could be envisaging if enough participants of some language are registered.



30% discount for the participants in Level I 2018

(Special fare for UIC – HSR members)
The organizer is in charges of the logistics for the training session.
Fee includes: all training sessions, full working documents, technical visits and lunches.
Not included: Travel to and from Madrid, accommodation and dinners are not included.


Contact in Paris
Beatrix Perrot

Contact in Madrid
Ms Rosa Egido
Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles

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