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Questionnaire on vibrations in the infrastructure caused by passenger trains

Aim of the questionnaire

Annoyance due to railway vibrations in the infrastructure is increasing.

Although freight trains are a major source of vibrations annoyance, the influence of passenger trains on vibrations is increasing e.g. due to passenger trains running faster and more frequently. Allowing these developments while avoiding the increase of vibrations at the same time has become a major challenge.

Over the last decade, a number of research projects ( such as EU-funded projects like RIVAS and CargoVibes) and country specific initiatives on vibration mitigation have taken place. Most of the studies describe measures taken in the infrastructure or freight trains, however only a few are addressing the issues related to passenger rolling stock.

For railway operators, it is therefore very important that vibrations do not hinder train operations. Therefore, operators may wish to procure “vibration friendly” trains. Overcoming this problem involves setting requirements when ordering new trains. Unless this issue is tackled through collaborative work between railway operators, infrastructure managers and manufacturers, it will be is difficult to obtain the relevant information which can be used in the technical specification for new passenger trains, given the large amount of research projects. Hence guidance is needed in the development of requirements for vibration-friendly passenger trains.

As agreed by UIC Network Noise and Vibration (NNV) members in their experts meeting, which was held in Berlin on 12 March, an online survey was prepared to obtain as much information and experiences on vibrations as possible from operators, infrastructure managers and manufacturers.

UIC attempts to collect information from those three different stakeholders in order to provide a comprehensive and detailed review about the vibrations in the infrastructure induced by passenger trains.

Note 1. Focus in this questionnaire is mainly on passenger trains (not freight) and not so much on the infrastructure.

  • All answers will be kept strictly confidential in the UIC Extranet within the Noise and Vibration Network Folder and without permission of the deliverer will not be used or issued.
  • Results will be communicated and discussed at the next vibration meeting which will be held on 16 September 2020 in Oslo, Norway.
  • Participants of the survey will be invited to the UIC Vibration Expert meeting to join in the section where the result of the research will be discussed.

Thanking you very much for your help and feedback.
For all matters related to the UIC Network Noise and Vibration, please contact Pınar Yılmazer


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Friday 15 May 2020