African Railway Thursdays – 3rd Webinar "Railway Partnership Models in Africa and Perspectives of Development"

VIDEOCONFERENCE - 25 FEBRUARY 2021 10:00 - 12:00 (GMT +1)

UIC African Region launches African Railway Thursdays:
Bimonthly webinars dedicated to activities and projects of the UIC and UIC African Region.
The topic of the 3rd Webinar

Railway Partnership Models in Africa and Perspectives of Development.

The webinar is reserved for the Members of the UIC African Region.


10:00 – 10:40 Official Opening
Minister of Transport of Ethiopia, Her Excellency Mrs Dagmawit Moges
Minister of Equipment and Transport of the Republic of Djibouti, His Excellency Mr Moussa Ahmed Hassan
Mr Mohamed Rabie Khlie, President of the UIC African Region
Mr François Davenne, UIC DG
Mr Tilahun Sarka, EDR DG

10h40 – 11h Railway Rolling Stock and Port Activities Coordination

The Luxembourg Rail Protocol: A New Rail Rolling Stock Financing Tool
Speaker : Soteri Gatera, Lead Infrastructure Expert - Private Sector Development and Finance Division, UNECA (10 min)

New Port Operations Djibouti
Speaker : Moustapha Idriss Nour, Directeur Commercial & statistiques, Djibouti Multipurpose Port (DMP) (10 min)

Q&A Session

11h – 11:50 Concession Models in Africa and Vision 2063

Rail partnership models in Africa and development prospects : Vision 2063
Speaker: Younis Touitha, Infrastructure Technical Expert, AUDA-NEPAD/ UMA (10 min)

Overview of Concession Models in Africa
Speaker: Said Chandid, UIC Representative in the Regional Bureau Office in Rabat (10 min)

EDR Concession Model
Speaker: Tilahun Sarka, EDR DG (10 min)

CAMRAIL Concession Model
Speaker: Charles Yombo, CAMRAIL (10 min)

Q&A Session

11:50 – 12:00 Conclusions
Mr Tilahun Sarka, EDR DG
Mr François Davenne, UIC DG


English & French



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Key speakers official opening
Mrs Dagmawit Moges – Minister of Transport of Ethiopia


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Mr François Davenne – UIC DG
Mr Mohamed Rabie Khlie – President of the UIC African Region
Mr Saïd Chandid, UIC African Regional Office

Mrs Dagmawit Moges
Mrs Dagmawit Moges
Mr François Davenne
Mr François Davenne
Mr Mohamed Rabie Khlie
Mr Mohamed Rabie Khlie
Mr Said Chandid
Mr Said Chandid

Moderator of the Webinar
Mr Thierry Bera, CFO & UIC African Region Coordinator

Mr Thierry Bera
Mr Thierry Bera

Mr Younis Touitha – AUDA-NEPAD/ UMA
Mr Tilahun Sarka – EDR DG
Mr Soteri Gatera – Lead Infrastructure Expert, Private Sector Development and Finance Division, UNECA
Mr Charles Yombo – CAMRAIL

Mr Younes Touitha
Mr Younes Touitha
Mr Tilahun Sarka
Mr Tilahun Sarka
Mr Soteri Gatera
Mr Soteri Gatera
Mr Charles Yombo
Mr Charles Yombo


UIC: Maria Lafont,

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Wednesday 3 February 2021