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Suppliers meet with railway operators to reduce parked train noise


Noise from trains at a standstill, in particular from parked trains , is still causing noise nuisance to lineside residents. With the ambition to be a caring neighbour, this particular situation causing noise on railways needs to be further considered and minimised in collaboration with all railway stakeholders. Furthermore, due to environmental directives and laws, highly noisy trains either cause a loss of parking capacity at shunting yards or lead to the need for expensive infrastructural measures.

Noise from trains is regulated at European level by the TSI Noise: for trains at a standstill, only the stationary, but not the parking situation is covered. To reduce noise from a parked train, additional requirements for specific components can be necessary in specific conditions or should be informed at the request of the purchaser. For example, detailed information on continuous sound sources like HVAC or auxiliary converter, or intermittent sound sources like the compressor will ensure that all aspects of the problem are addressed, and the most effective noise reduction is achieved. Furthermore, the purchasing party of the trains shall define the technical requirements, including noise limit values. A difficulty here is considered to be the lack of information or lack of consultation on the possibilities to reduce noise arising from technical components and its impact on costs. Nevertheless, it is known that there are various technical solutions to reduce noise and it assumed that the suppliers of technical components have measures (including innovative solutions) to reduce noise. For instance, there is a need to guide the sector with knowledge exchange on existing or possible applications to be developed, such as reducing HVAC noise with silent fans or reducing the fan speed of the auxiliary converter in energy saving mode.


🚂 Are you passionate about sustainable railways and minimizing parked train noise ?

The aim of the workshop is to have open discussions between suppliers of trains, sub-suppliers of technical components and operators about possibilities to reduce the noise. This can range from off-the-shelf (or ready-to-use) solutions to very innovative ideas. The outcome of the workshop should be that the (sub)-suppliers have a better understanding of the noise issues faced by the operators as well as that the operators have an enhanced awareness of technical possibilities for noise reduction noise.

Venue - Date:

The event date is yet to be determined, and UIC will reach out to interested suppliers individually for further coordination based on their expressed interest.

Please offer a brief overview of the noise mitigation solutions for parked trains you have developed or plan to develop. During registration, share detailed information by specifying your areas of interest.

Planned Concept:

🛤️ Explore cutting-edge solutions and engage in open discussions on noise reduction in parked trains.

The event will be conducted in an in an informal setting, allowing for open discussions among railway operators and suppliers. There will be two sessions where participants will present the following topics:

  • Operators: Overview of the current status and issues with noise from parked trains
  • Suppliers/Subsuppliers: Technical solutions to reduce noise, including both current and innovative solutions
  • Open discussion of pros and cons of the solutions presented
  • Aspects to consider in selecting a solution, such as maintainability, effect on lifespan, impact on costs, etc.

Target Audience:

🔍 Dive into discussions with Railway Operators, Rolling Stock Suppliers, and Technical Component Sub-Suppliers.


👥 Connect, share, and explore innovative solutions to minimize noise from parked trains.

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UIC Documents

  • Noise from parked and stationary trains: An analysis of operational and technical solutions
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Tuesday 21 November 2023