Digital Modelling Workshop

30 June 2021

We were pleased to welcome you to the webinar on UIC Digital Modelling initiatives for the operational railway held on June 30 in two sessions over the lunch break: Session 1 (11.00-12.30) and Session 2 (13.30-15.30).

The webinar focused on the RailSystemModel (RSM) 1.2 release update and on the OntoRail project.

RailSystemModel and OntoRail are two UIC projects on Digital modelling of the railways system, aimed at enabling synergies and digital continuity around a common digital system model usable across railway domains and business processes.

RailSystemModel is a functional, generalist and project-independent railways system model. It integrates with Expert Projects like Eulynx, IFC Rail, … which are specialists of their respective domains and provides a structural backbone to represent digitally the operational railway system within Shift2Rail’s Common Data Model.

OntoRail provides ontology-level tools to facilitate the emergence of a federated System Model for railways by establishing links rich with semantical information between independent models within the railway domain. The use of ontologies shall further facilitate integration with other domains, such as the generic transport domain.


UIC Webinar - Digital Modelling

- PDF - 6.7 Mb

Digital Twin at SNCF Réseau, the importance of a common digital model for operation

- PDF - 1.4 Mb

EULYNX Data Prep and UIC RailSystemModel

- PDF - 1.2 Mb




Session 1 (11.00-12.30)

Opening remarks

by François Davenne, Director General of UIC

UIC Digital Modelling initiatives


  • RailSystemModel fundamentals
  • What’s new in RSM1.2?
  • Example of projects in relation to RailSystemModel


  • Introduction to ontologies
  • OntoRail fundamentals

Session 2 (13.30-15.30)


  • RailSystemModel & OntoRail as enablers of the Common Data Model Pierre Tane, Airy Magnien – Digital Modelling, UIC
  • Signalling data preparation with RailSystemModel and EULYNX Dr. Bob Janssen – EULYNX information modeller
  • Digital Twin at SNCF, the importance of a common digital model for operation Gilles Dessagne, Responsable Division Urbanisme DSI/CSI/URB – SNCF Réseau

Next Steps

Closing remarks

by Pierre-Etienne Gautier, Directeur du programme BIM et continuité numérique, SNCF Réseau and LinX4Rail coordinator


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Wednesday 2 June 2021