Ecoscoring project - KPIs endorsement

ECOSCORING PROJECT Key performance Indicators - UIC member endorsement poll

The Ecoscoring project was initiated by UIC Chairman and UIC General Management with the following main goals:

  • Promoting rail transport based on the overall progress of rail’s contribution to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) towards Investors, Financiers, Institutions, etc.
  • Enabling railway companies to have improved access to green bonds and sustainable finance instruments

By providing a simple yet robust and reliable "scoring" tool to document the sector’s contribution to the SDGs for communication and marketing purposes

The Ecoscoring working group was therefore set up and launched in January 2019. The group first selected a shortlist of SDGs and targets (out of a total of 169 targets) upon which they considered the railway sector can have a positive impact.

Then to calculate the individual companies’ contribution to those SDGs and corresponding targets, the Ecoscoring Working Group worked on defining sector specific Key Performance Indicators that they agree would provide valid measurement of the rail sector progress against the SDGs.

To refine and validate the KPIs, the working group conducted a number of interviews among UIC in-house experts and collected input from members of other UIC working groups. This process ensures a wide consensus among the experts.

In order to start the development phase of the tool in the second half of 2020, UIC members are kindly requested to endorse the KPIs list for the version 1 of the tool to be delivered and presented at the UIC GA of December 2020 by completing the short poll below by 19 June 2020

To consult the KPI list click on the icon below:

Ecoscoring Consolidated KPI Shortist

Ecoscoring Consolidated KPI Shortist

- PDF - 66.5 kb


To endorse the list please complete the poll below by 19 June 2020:

For more information, please contact dekeyzer

The goal of this poll is the validation of the list in order to ensure an operational version of the Ecoscoring tool can be presented at the UIC General Assembly of December 2020.

Rate the availability within your company of the corresponding data in relation to the Ecoscoring KPIs

Contact person for data collection

Please indicate the first name and FAMILY NAME of the person in charge within your company to collect data in relation to the Ecoscoring KPIs list

Please indicate the email of the person in charge of the KPIs specified in the list

Participation in future working group meetings

Please indicate the first name and FAMILY NAME of relevant contact person that you wish to take part in Ecoscoring working group

Please indicate a valid email address

Please indicate here any comment you might have on the list. Indicate the KPI id in case you wish to make a comment on a specific KPI

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Thursday 4 June 2020