Final Conference of the Shift2Rail JU Funded IP3 Project IN2TRACK

22 January 2019, UIC, Paris

The Final Conference of the Shift2Rail JU Funded IP3 Project IN2TRACK was held at UIC in Paris on 22 January 2019.

Project overview

The overall objectives of IN2TRACK are the following regarding track and infrastructure assets:

  • Enhancing and optimising the switches & crossings and track systems in order to ensure the optimal line usage and capacity
  • Investigating novel ways of extending the life of bridges and tunnel assets through new approaches to maintaining, repairing and upgrading these structures
  • Developing and adopting a holistic, whole system-approach

A whole-system approach, which is defined as the system boundaries extending from dynamic wheel-rail interaction (loading input) through to degradation of the S&C system, sub-systems, individual components, and underlying track foundation, achieve the objectives of the project.

Over the past 3 years, IN2TRACK partners have been working on methods to reduce noise and vibration. They have also developed new techniques for repair and upgrade to reduce traffic disruption. Their work includes the development of safer methods of assessment for tunnels and bridges, such as the use of embedded sensors for self-diagnostics and condition monitoring.

IN2TRACK will be over in a few months and we are very pleased to have the opportunity to present the results of this exciting project.

Event Programme and presentations

IN2TRACK Final Conference Programme

- PDF - 740.3 kb


Moderator: Mr. Simon Fletcher, UIC

09:00-09:30 Registration and welcome

09:30-10:20 Introduction to the project and its contextualization in Shift2Rail - Mr. Nikolaos Athanasopoulos, Shift2Rail JU and Mr. Sam Berggren, Trafikverket

IN2TRACK Final Conference Shift2Rail presentation

- PDF - 1.2 Mb

IN2TRACK Final Conference WP1

- PDF - 365.8 kb


10:20-11:20 WP2 - Enhanced switches and crossings, Ms. Melanie Denley, Network Rail

  • Identifying and understanding core S&C issues
  • Enhanced S&C whole system analysis, design and virtual validation
  • Enhanced monitoring, operation, control and maintenance of S&C
IN2TRACK Final Conference WP2

- PDF - 4.9 Mb


11:20-11:40 Coffee break

11:40-12:40 WP3 - Enhanced track, Mr. Anders Ekberg, Trafikverket and Mr. Samir Assaf, Railenium

  • Extending knowledge of key features to optimise railway tracks
  • Employing simulations and enhanced design in track optimisation
  • Optimised inspection, maintenance and operation of track
IN2TRACK Final Conference WP3

- PDF - 7.5 Mb


12:40-13:50 Lunch

13:50-14:50 WP4 - Structures, Mr. Carlos Hermosilla, Acciona

  • Sharpshooter bridge and tunnel asset management: enhanced and exhaustive monitoring, inspection and evaluation for minimal traffic disturbance
  • Repairs and refurbishing: techniques to extend the life and enhance the capacity of existing bridges and tunnels
  • Low-cost dynamic bridge design: enhancing the understanding of bridge dynamics to optimize high-speed bridge costs
IN2TRACK Final Conference WP4

- PDF - 15.7 Mb


14:50-16:00 Round table, wrap-up and conclusions

IN2TRACK has received funding from the Shift2Rail JU under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 730841

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