UIC Noise and Vibration

Ideathon in Paris


In each session the moderator gives a short overview of the issues involved. Then the group discusses the issues, e.g., the physics, the measurement methods, mitigation possibilities as well as legislation.

Participants will be flexible; therefore, they will be able to participate in other parallel sessions or leave the sessions they have attended before the session ends, without disturbing other participants.

No projector or computer will be used during the event. It is desired to gather various ideas with hand notes and drawings and to provide in-group interaction.

The outcome of the discussion is to identify with sector members questions or issues that are ideally common to all experts and where further cooperation would be beneficial. In addition, it is possible to consider the Ideathon outputs as an idea for Opt-in projects that can be presented in 2023.


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Please feel free to select more than one topic.

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Monday 21 March 2022