IRRB Webinar "Railway Innovation in New Transport Solutions – Competition and Cooperation"

25 November 2021

An exchange of perspectives on the role of competition and cooperation in developing technically enhanced future passenger and freight railway systems, with the support of research and innovation. Sharing of experience and opinions about the challenges and opportunities and the top priorities for further action.


The event will take place online on Thursday 25 November 2021, from 13:00 to 16:00 (CET - Paris Time).


English and Russian


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Opening — Welcome — Introduction (13:00-13:05)
Mr Vladimir Andreev, IRRB Chairman

Moderator’s Word of Introduction (13:05-13:10)
Mr Andrzej Massel, IRRB acting Vice-Chairman

"How can the railways respond to new technologies – Cooperation and Competition issues to be addressed" (13:10-13:30)
Professor Angelos Bekiaris, Director of HIT at CERTH Center for Research and Technology Hellas

Questions from the audience to Prof. Angelos Bekiaris

"Cooperation between rail, air and public transport for integration of ticketing" (13:38 - 13:58)
Mr David Sarfatti, Senior Advisor of Passenger Department, UIC

Questions from the audience to Mr Marc Guigon

Coffee break (14:04-14:15)

"Railway as an integrating tool for mobility systems in metropolitan areas: a case study of the PKM (Pomorska Kolej Metropolitalna – Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway)" (14:17-14:37)
Professor Marcin Wolek, Associate professor at the University of Gdansk, Faculty of Economics

Questions to Prof. Marcin Wolek

"The new rail frame of Moscow agglomeration" (14:45-15:05)
Mr Artyom Pchelintsev, Head of the division of complex analysis of passenger’s transportation, RZD Passenger Transportation Department.

Questions from the audience to Mr Artyom Pchelintsev

Panel Discussion (15:11-16:00)


Prof. Angelos Bekiaris
Prof. Angelos Bekiaris
Mr David Sarfatti
Mr David Sarfatti
Prof. Marcin Wolek
Prof. Marcin Wolek
Mr Artyom Pchelintsev
Mr Artyom Pchelintsev



For further information, please contact Ms Nastassia SIMIC

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