IRS 90940: SFERA - Change requests and SFERA User Group

UIC IRS 90940 Maintenance

The IRS 90940, "Data exchange with Driver Advisory Systems (DAS) following the SFERA protocol"
first edition: is available for free here:

Here are the supporting slide for the User Group’s kick-off meeting:

SFERA User Group kick-off meeting - Slides

- PDF - 780.8 kb


SFERA User Group

The SFERA project’s Members open a new "User Group".

Its goal is to gather companies using SFERA, developing and/or using C-DAS or ATO solutions based on the application of SFERA in practice as described in IRS 90940: Data exchange with Driver Advisory Systems (DAS) following the SFERA protocol.

The SFERA User Group Members are UIC Member companies i.e. Railway Undertakings (RU), Infrastructure Managers (IM) etc. and third party companies which are not UIC members) acting as stakeholders in the business described hereabove, including the Railway Industry.
Being part of the SFERA User Group will help to:

  • provide support in implementing the SFERA protocol,
  • share feedback on the IRS based on its application by the various parties,
  • lower the threshold for using/facilitating the use of SFERA by exchanging experience and offering mutual support in the application of SFERA,
  • initiate requests for changes to IRS 90940 to the SFERA Maintenance Group based on experience in implementations, production possibilities.

To get involved in the SFERA User Group, please fill in the following form:


  • Participants are required to have the relevant background knowledge.
  • The SFERA User Group’s framework is described in the following Terms of Reference:

- PDF - 142.1 kb

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UIC and your data

Change Request submission

You can report an issue, error, or propose a change to the IRS 90940 by filling the form below.

If you intend to suggest multiple changes, you can use this Excel template and send it back to SFERA UIC Advisors.


- Excel - 19.8 kb


If you are proposing heavy or subtle changes that would need the Maintenance Group to deeply assess your request, please consider providing a slideshow or description document that you could introduce to the Maintenance Group in a conference as a guest.

Click here to open the Change Request submission form

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Monday 1 February 2021