Market Place Seminar 2021 - Multimodality in the year of rail

14 October 2021

The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA) in conjunction with the International Union of Railways (UIC) are delivering the 2021 edition of the industry Market Place Seminar. A slight change in the timing and venue from past events will occur to accommodate a wider audience and the broadest participation possible. The 10th conference of this flagship event between the two organizations will therefore be held virtually on Zoom on Thursday 14 October 2021 from 11:00 to 14:00 CET. This year’s seminar is also supported by the European Association for Forwarding, Transport, Logistics and Customs Services (CLECAT).

The Market Place Seminar aims at creating an opportunity for freight forwarders, railway undertakings and customers to increase cooperation and discuss business developments, market practices and practical challenges within the rail sector.


The seminar will take place on Thursday 14 October 2021 from 11:00 to 14:00 CET.


This year’s overarching theme, dedicated to “Multimodality in the year of rail”, will present multimodality as the solution to a number of current and future supply chain challenges, noting the important role played by rail in the contemporary challenges in supply chains. The three panels will focus on setting the scene and portraying the key enablers to multimodality.

  • Multimodality as solution for contemporary Supply Chain challenges, and as a preferred route to sustainability, both at regional and global level, noting the EU Combined Transport as an example.
  • Digitalization; the agile transformation of the logistics industry, with a promotion of the Negotiable FIATA Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading and the UIC Rail Freight Forward Digital Platform.
  • The Corridor Concept as multimodality’s facilitator in the rail freight sector
  • This event will provide participants with the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas on business opportunities and potential solutions to identified issues in rail transport. The virtual format will include a Q&A session at the end of each panels to remain as interactive as possible.

More information available on the dedicated website.


Kindly note that implementation of simultaneous translation in the Zoom interface will not be available and the event will be delivered in English.


All interested participants are invited to register using this form. Detailed information on the seminar, including login details, program and speakers will soon be made available.


Madeleine Gourier, FIATA

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Friday 17 September 2021