Modus Final Dissemination Event

27 January 2023 - Online

It is time for multimodality!

The SESAR European ‘Modus’ project has been exploring the future landscape of air-rail multimodal travel with a range of future scenarios during the last two years and it is now glad to share the result of this multidisciplinary group of experts from air, rail and academia.

The topics of multimodality, passenger experience and inclusion as well as creating a seamless mobility system within Europe that meets the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, are high on the agenda of shaping the future European transport system. Modus is a SESAR-H2020 project launched in 2020, and focused on modelling and assessing the role of air transport in an integrated, multimodal transport system, with a focus on joint air-rail mobility. This approach helps in gaining an enhanced understanding of multimodal traveller requirements, air-rail modal choice decisions and advancing and implementing models to better depict passengers’ door-to-door journeys, and to do so across different future mobility scenarios.

As a key result, a modelling approach for the assessment of seamless door-to-door multimodality and the passenger experience in Europe has been developed. It was applied to evaluate the impact of an improved, joint air-rail transport system, characterising the contribution of air traffic management (ATM) and air transport to the improvement of travellers’ multimodal journeys. This has been done across four different future scenarios that depict potential development pathways of air-rail mobility in Europe, including a significant short-haul shift from air to rail, traffic growth with strong technological support, or a move towards a more decentralised, remote and digital mobility.

The Modus modelling approach can be used to assess the resulting impacts on capacities, predictability, and the environment, across these scenarios and for multimodal journeys. This can provide useful support for policy makers as well as transport service providers in shaping future multimodal mobility.

Register here and join our multimodal consortium and experts in discussing these important topics. We are looking forward to seeing you.



Friday 27 January 2023, 10.00–14.00 CET




10.00–10.30 CET | Welcome and introduction

Alessandro Prister, Programme Manager at SESAR Joint Undertaking
Gorazd Marinic, Programme Manager at EU-Rail Joint Undertaking

10.30–13.30 CET | Modus results presentations
13.30–14:00 CET | Conclusions

The workshop will also allow a lively discussion with members of the consortium, industry stakeholders and participants.


If you are interested in attending the Modus Final Dissemination Event, please register here:

The Modus project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme on the topic SESAR-ER4-10-2019 ATM Role in Intermodal Transport under grant agreement No 891166. It started in June 2020 and will run until November 2022.

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