Railway and tourism: a cultural perspective

Videoconference - 26 October afternoon

The key issue that will be addressed during this workshop is the landscape as a tourist resource, which is especially relevant for the development of entrepreneurial actions in the railway system and the improvement of the traveler experience. While rail travelling, customers are attracted by natural beauties, as well as by cultural and historical assets such as tunnels and bridges. It is the combination of the uniqueness of the landscapes, the beauty of the train carts and the onboard experience that created an extraordinary experience for travelers.

The main questions to be tackled during this workshop are:

  • How can railway industry and cultural and heritage bodies better coordinate their efforts and competencies in order to foster product branding as well as territorial attractiveness and tourism development?
  • What are the tools that can be used to create quality and valuable experiences for the potential customers in their tourism journeys by rail?
  • How can digitalization help to add value on the landscape and to improve customer’s experience?
  • The rail plays a significant role in developing a destination’s attractiveness and acts as a catalyst for territory branding. Not only it possesses natural, historical and patrimonial value, but also contributes to the development of local communities, including jobs creation, improved living standards and cultural exchange opportunities.

While strengthening cooperation among the key stakeholders in the fields of rail industry, tourism and culture, the event compares the best practices in the tourism rail sector all around the world.


Online, 26 October afternoon (14:00-17:30)
* Details on the agenda will be soon available


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Tuesday 6 July 2021