RIDE2RAIL First Stakeholder Meeting

Tuesday February 2nd 2021, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PL online web conference


In countries all over the world, the car still has a very dominant role in the way we move around, occupying large parts of our streets and cities. And while public transport in most cities provides a better alternative to private car-use, particularly in rural areas, the car is still often considered as the most preferred way of travelling due to lack or infrequency of public services.

As widely recognised, ride sharing has the potential to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles. But even with recent mobile technologies facilitating this way of travelling, ride sharing has demonstrated limited uptake so far. The reason for this would be a set of barriers such as insufficient awareness of available services, lack of trust and willingness to ride with strangers, need for flexibility in scheduling to allow and cope with change in plans and uncertainty in reaching agreements on sharing costs.

Now, the RIDE2RAIL project want so to solve this problem. The vision of RIDE2RAIL is to exploit intelligent mobility approaches, making ride sharing an effective feeder for high-capacity transport services (such as rail) in less-densely populated and rural areas. The effects will be to shift current demand from individual to collective mobility and even to potentially attract new demand, so improving transport accessibility and reducing “disutilities” for users.

RIDE2RAIL’s overall objective is to develop an innovative framework for intelligent mobility, facilitating the efficient combination of flexible (ride-sharing) and scheduled transport services (rail, bus, and other public transport services), thus enhancing the performance of the overall mobility system.

RIDE2RAIL aims to integrate multiple (public/private/social) data sets and existing transport platforms for promoting an effective ride sharing practice of citizens, making it a complementary transport mode that extends public transport networks.

During this event, participants will learn more about railway initiatives dedicated to MaaS and Door2Door mobility, and project partners will present an overview of the technological developments going on in RIDE2RAIL and of the demo activities in the four RIDE2RAIL demo sites, i.e. Padua, Brno, Athens and Helsinki.

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Key Contact

David Sarfati: sarfatti@uic.org




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Friday 8 January 2021