SDG Open Badge Day

8 November online

The SDG Open badge day is organised in the frame of the EU Erasmus+ funded project, REPAIR (Recognising Emerging Practices Anticipating Industry Renewal)
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The objective of the SDG Open Badge Day is to explore how Open Badges could be conducive to the adoption of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in the rail sector. The outcome should be the design of a number of badges to fill-in the SDG Pathway and descriptions of how those badges could serve that purpose.
The work will be done through an alternance of plenary sessions (briefing, reporting, decision making) and small group works.


Target groups

Professionals from HR and training, Sustainable development departments, UIC Rail Index project’s members and participants, professionals contributing to SDGs

Day planning

9:00 AM– 4:30 PM

The day will start with a recall of what the project team has produced so far as an introduction to the first activity: identifying/proposing a series of badges to fill in the Pathway.
After defining the badges (content/process) we will explore how the different badges interact together to create an ecosystem conducive to the adoption of SDG practices in the rail sector.


Detailed programme to be published soon



For any further information please contact: Nathalie Amirault

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Friday 22 October 2021