Train the trainers - sessions 1 & 2


In the frame of the first TrainRail Hackathon, the UIC in partnership with SWJTU organizes two “train the trainers” sessions.

These training sessions are targeted at universities, training centres, railway undertakings. Both sessions will be held in English.

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Train the trainers - session 1

Theme: How to run a hackathon?

Target Group: members of organizing committees

Expected outcomes: at the end of the session, the participants are able to run a hackathon

Speakers: experts from universities

Venue and time: on-line, Thursday September 23rd - 1PM to 5PM (CET)


  • Hackathon cases: introduce the history, form, significance and the spirit of Hackathon through case studies.
  • How to hold a Hackathon: introduce the process of Hackathon organization through case studies.
  • Workshop: referring to the Hackathon preparation process introduced in the previous section, we will have brainstorming and group discussions to carry out a general design of the TrainRail Hackathon competition for each region.

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Train the trainers - session 2

Theme: How to innovate in a hackathon?

Target Group: coaches of the hackathon (professors, teachers, trainers…)

Expected outcomes: at the end of the session, the participants are able to coach the participants of a hackathon

Speakers: experts from universities, industry, railway companies

Venue and time: on-line, Thursday October 21st - 1PM to 5PM (CET)


  • Trends in railway innovation: introduce innovative trends in the global railway field, especially trends emerged as the epidemic has brought tremendous changes to human life. Let the trainees to have better understanding of the latest developments and invite for some discussions and reflections.
  • Voice from railway company in the face of pandemics: railway operating companies will introduce some of the situation during the epidemic, including the difficulties they faced, the solutions they have put forward, and some thoughts and prospects on the railway industry as well as railway education.
  • Design thinking and innovation: introduce the application of design thinking method to make Human-Centered product, services, or system design. Inspire the trainees to conduct design exploration to solve problems in the field, so as to propose new solutions and promote industrial innovation. This sector may be held in the form of a mini workshop.
  • Train Hackathon innovation output and evaluation: introduce the possible output, evaluation rules and methods of Train Hackathon.
  • Q&A

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Nathalie Amirault:

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Friday 18 June 2021