UIC Asia-Pacific Workshop on Standardisation

14 October 2021

The UIC Asia-Pacific Workshop on Standardisation will be organised online on 14 October 2021 (8:00-12:00 am Paris time).

The UIC Standardisation Platform continuously extends its activities and dissemination of International Railway Solutions (IRS) as the standardisation documents to be voluntary applied for international and regional interoperability.

With the purpose to share knowledge about structure, procedures and processes of IRS development and its scope of application and to introduce the Asia-Pacific members national standardisation systems, we expect fruitful exchanges between representatives of international and regional standardisation organisations, regulators, railway industry and operators during the workshop.


Please see below the full programme.

Programme Workshop on Standardisation - 14 October 2021

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Master of Ceremony: Mr. Simon FLETCHER, Director Europe, UIC

Welcome & Opening 8:00-8:15

Mr. Batyr KOTYREV, Chief Engineer, KTZ

Mr. François DAVENNE, Director General, UIC

Batyr Kotyrev
Batyr Kotyrev
François Davenne
François Davenne

1.0. UIC Introduction 8:15-9:00

Introduction of UIC and UIC Asia-Pacific Region 8:15-8:25
Mr. Vincent VU, Director Institutional Relations, Coordinator UIC Asia-Pacific Region, UIC

UIC Role in Standardisation 8:25-8:45
Mr. Simon FLETCHER, Director Europe, UIC

Development of Regional Interoperability – the role of standards (IRS) 8:45-9:00
Mr. Vytautas Kinderis, Standardisation Coordinator, UIC

Questions & Answers - 9:00-9:05

Vincent Vu
Vincent Vu
Simon Fletcher
Simon Fletcher
Vytautas Kinderis
Vytautas Kinderis

2.0. Systems for National/Regional Standardisation 9:05-10:05

2.1. Methodology for building standards in Europe 9:05-9:20
Mr. Simon FLETCHER, Director Europe, UIC

2.2. Methodology for building standards in Asia-Pacific

Standardisation Activity in JR-East 9:20-9:30
Mr. Masaru HADEWARA, Assistant Manager, JR-East, Japan

Harmonising the Australian Railway 9:30-9:40
Mr. Michael AVIET, General Manager Product Delivery and
Mr. Neal PETERS, Accreditation Manager, RISSB, Australia

Malaysia Rail Standard Development 9:40-9:50
Mr. Hasry HARUN, Head Consultant, National Rail Centre of Excellence (NRCOE), Malaysia

Questions & Answers - 9:50-10:00

Simon Fletcher
Simon Fletcher

BREAK - 10:00-10:10

3.0. Regional Partnerships 10:10-11:20

Standardisation System in Republic of Kazakhstan and Railway standardisation 10:10-10:20
Mr. Batyr KOTYREV, Chief Engineer, Chairman of TK040, KTZ, Kazakhstan

Interstate standardisation system within the 1520 mm railway gauge 10:20-10:30
Mr. Valentin Alexandrovich GAPANOVICH, Chairman of the Technical Committee
of TC 045/ MTK 524 "Railway Transport", Russia

The system of technical regulation in the EEU in the field of railway transport 10:30-10:40
Mr. Vigen ENOKIAN, Deputy Director, Department for Technical Regulation
and Accreditation, Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC)

ASEAN Cooperation Towards Seamless Operation in SKRL 10:40-10:50
Mr. Shafein SHAHRIMAN, Director General of Rail, Ministry of Transport, Malaysia

Australian Rail Safety & the Role of Standards 10:50-11:00
Mr. Andy WEBB, Senior Manager, Major Projects Technical Division, Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator, Australia

Streamlining customs formalities for International Railway Transport-ESCAP initiatives 11:00-11:10
Mr. Sandeep JAIN, Economic Affairs Officer, Transport Connectivity and Logistics Section, Transport Division, UNESCAP

Questions & Answers - 11:15-11:45

Batyr Kotyrev
Batyr Kotyrev
Valentin Gapanovich
Valentin Gapanovich

4.0. Technical Applications 11:20-11:50

4.1. Telecoms – standardizing the new FRMCS 11:20-11:30
Mr. Jean-Michel EVANGHELOU, Head of Telecoms, Signalling & Digital Applications, Rail System Department, UIC

4.2. Positive Train Control – Experience and its Impact on Standardisation 11:30-11:40
Mr. Alessandro MASCIS, Vice President Electronics & Digital Sales, PhD
Mr. David CREGAN, Vice President Product Management – Digital and Electronics, Wabtec Corporation

Questions & Answers - 11:40-11:50

Jean-Michel Evanghelou
Jean-Michel Evanghelou
Alessandro Mascis
Alessandro Mascis
David Cregan
David Cregan

Summary and Closing remarks 11:50-12:00
Incl. practical implementation results of questioning


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Mrs. Beatrice SEGERAL, UIC Senior Advisor, Institutional Relations and Asia-Pacific: segeral@uic.org

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