UIC Driving Advisory System - SFERA Stakeholders and User Group Workshop

8 November 2023, Paris, UIC HQ

Workshop material


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On 10 October 2022, the SFERA WG has presented IRS 90940 Edition 2 to all interested stakeholders, in a workshop which featured presentations by Working Group and User Group members on Driving Advisory System (DAS) development and SFERA implementation.

On 08 November 2023, UIC and the SFERA Working Group will host a new workshop in UIC.
The workshop intends to allow the User Group to learn about the latest developments and implementation around SFERA and Driving Advisory System (DAS).
It was decided that any interested stakeholders should be welcomed!
Therefore it is an open workshop for anyone interested in DAS development, and to understand the work from SFERA.

Draft Agenda

12:00 Light lunch

  • 12:40 Welcome by UIC (Jean-Michel Evanghelou)
  • 12:45 Introduction: status of SFERA (Sébastien Dislaire)
  • 13:00 Planned/Working implementations
  • 13:50 Adapting the Common Interface to C-DAS operations (Sébastien Dislaire, Thomas Pynthe)

14:05 Break

  • 14:25 Looking ahead: Digital instructions and SFERA (Sébastien Dislaire, Daniele Arena)
  • 14:40 Conclusions of the joint work with X2Rail4 (Benoît Bienfait, Benoît Abisset)
  • 14:55 The beginning of ERJU and its impact on DAS and SFERA (Bart Van der Spiegel)
  • 15:10 Joint SFERA-RailML session
  • 15:35 Mini-workshops on SFERA interoperability (Thomas Sutter, Alain Wenmaekers)
  • 16:15 Fair/Networking

17:30 End




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Thursday 13 July 2023